John 1:16 "From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another." 

Man I feel "full".  We had the absolute best Christmas week EVER!  We began our celebration on 12/23 in celebrating my daughter's 15th birthday!  WOW!  Her birth seems like yesterday to me.  I remember the first time I held her in my arms.  Wow is all I can say.  She is turning into such an amazing young woman, and I'm so thankful to the Lord for her.  He is doing such a GREAT work in her!

Christmas Eve we celebrated our "Christmas" with Hannah, as she was going to her dad's on Christmas Day.  We gave the kids their "big" gift on the 23rd so they could all enjoy it.  That "big" gift was Rock Band 2!  They started it up at 9 am on Christmas Eve and didn't quit until 6 pm.  OH MY GOODNESS!  It was so fun watching them play it, laughing at them, laughing at each other.  Such a full time of goodness!  We had a house full.  Because of the snow (thank you Lord) Lacey (Joe's oldest daughter) got "stuck" at our house for almost a week.  It was such a blessing to have her there.  God is doing amazing things in her life also!  WOW!! 

The Lord has been so good to us.  Christmas Day was our Christmas, and we opened the majority of the presents that day.  The kids were overwhelmed, and so thankful and it was so much fun blessing them with the things they so wanted!  The look on their faces at times was priceless!!  LOVED IT!  I'll post more pics later.

So after Joe cooked breakfast!  Yes, I'm blessed with a husband who cooks!  A good kisser and he cooks!  Great combo!  Thank you Lord!  :-)  I decided to run a present up the street to some friends of ours, and took Ruby (the dog) for a walk.  The snow was so deep that she was having to hop up with each step to trudge her way through.  Went out into the middle of the road, and there were some areas where cars had driven so we could walk.  Then walked to another neighbors house with a gift, shoveled off the front and back deck, and then talked the kids into coming outside and playing in the snow.  We ended up building a HUGE snow ramp in the back yard and sledding down it.  It was hysterical!  Ruby even climbed up there, and road down on my lap two times!  Too funny!  Got pics of that too! 

We were all worn out by the time we went to Joe's parents for dinner that Joe fell asleep almost immediately!  Only a small portion of his family was there — so there was ONLY 15 of us!  He has a HUGE family, so when all of them show up its a housefull.  We had such a great time visiting with the family.  They are such a great bunch of people, and I LOVE THEM! 

I never thought that the Lord would bless me so much, but He truly has and I am so thankful to Him for all He has done in my life.  I am so thankful for what is to come, and am pressing on towards the goal!  Joe and I are making some changes in our lives, and while many people may not understand —  its the Lord's will and we are following what He wants us to do.  It's not been an easy decision, but sometimes you gotta do what He wants you to do — blessings always follow obedience.  So onward and forward, and we are looking forward to what He has for us in the upcoming 2009!

God bless all who read this — I would love to hear your Christmas stories too — so please feel free to write down your family fun times.  I pray the Lord blesses you, and keeps you, and that He shines His face upon you!  With Love, Michele.

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Author: Michele C.

First and foremost I am a Believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am a wife, a Mom, a young budding writer, and entrepreneur.

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