Demon Possession? Are you serious?

Mark 3:22 “And the teachers of the law who came down from Jerusalem said, "He [Jesus] is possessed by Beelzebub ! By the prince of demons he is driving out demons."


I am finally laughing right now – you see, I am a threat to the devil because the Lord did an amazing work in me on Sunday, and now he’s "honked off".  I give God all the glory.  I had someone tell me that the stuff I am going through (sickness in my body) is basically because of a demon, and that it just needs to come out.  You’re saying I’m demon possessed?  Are you joking?  Seriously.  I do not believe a Christian can be demon possessed, and I’ll tell you why.  When I said that simple prayer and invited Jesus into my life, He became ruler over my life and came into my heart.  My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  I don’t believe that the two could reside together in my body.  Come on! 

Matthew 12:29 “ “Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man's house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can rob his house.”


I am listing these things not to brag on me, but to brag on the Lord.  He was the One who chose to use me this week.  I include these to encourage you to be obedient when He asks you to do something.   I Cor. 1:31 “Therefore, as it is written: "Let him who boasts boast in the Lord."


You see, on Monday the Lord allowed me to minister to a homeless woman, and gave her a word from the Lord – I knew it was right on because she began crying right then and there.  On that same Monday, went to a meeting with the senior pastor and elders of our new church, witnessed to them with my testimony and got prayed for for healing, and they (and we) also began praying that the Lord would show Joe and I what our part is at our new church. 


On Tuesday, same homeless woman, now says something that lets me know she is a Believer!  Wednesday the Lord allowed me to pray with a clerk in one of the local stores after she told me her dog was ill and in critical condition, and may not make it.  I asked her if I could pray for her.  Praise God, when I talked to her today, the dog is doing better!   On Wednesday I also got an invite to a new group in Snohomish County of Christian legal professionals!! 


Thursday, I was in the doctor's office getting checked in for my MRI, and the woman checking me in begins having a heart attack.  They immediately called  911, and then I immediately called my 911.  Jesus Christ!  I asked her if I could come around and pray for her.  She let me, and I felt the Lord totally move.  There were many people in that office today (15-20), and the Lord did a work!  I believe through that witness of Jesus people will come to know the Lord.  By the time the paramedics got there her pain had diminished almost completely.  Also, my step-daughter had been witnessing to a young man about Jesus, and he was at youth group Thursday night!


Today (Friday), the local clerk tells me that now she and her husband are now praying!  Dog is still holding on, but not fully better yet.  Praise the Lord!  I told her I would continue to pray for little Susie the dog.   


Don’t tell me I’m demon possessed because here’s the thing, the Lord is using me.  If I was demon possessed the Lord would not use me the way He has chosen to this last week after my spiritual breakthrough.   The Pharisees of that day said that Jesus was demon possessed, so I am encouraged that I am more like Jesus now.   The devil meant to use this comment as a tool to discourage and stop me.  I am using it to propel me!


No, my body is not cooperating in complete healing just yet, but here’s the thing, I wouldn’t have been at that doctor’s office if my body was completely healed now would I?  Paul had a thorn in his flesh (God says “my grace is sufficient for you”).  Jesus was crucified (God’s will).  John the Baptist was beheaded.  Paul was eventually beheaded, after being shipwrecked, imprisoned, etc.  Peter was crucified (and here’s the thing with THAT, he (Peter) knew that he would be crucified because Jesus told him – also God’s will)!


Don’t ever discount anything that you do for the Lord because it is a seed that is planted, and the Lord is the one who waters it.   And don’t let anyone discourage you or stop you from moving forward into all that God has for you or wants you to do. 


When I heard that comment I was upset to say the least, and it started to make me want to draw back because my thought was “what if I am demon possessed, I don’t want to get that on someone else.”  Then the Lord started showing me these things.  So, thank you Jesus for using me this week – I give YOU all the glory forever and ever amen! 


Oh, so why am I telling you this?  I’ll tell ya, because the same thing may happen to you someday and I want you to be encouraged, and not give up on Jesus because He says He will never leave us nor forsake us.   As to the person who said this, I have forgiven, I still love them, and want to thank them!  Why?  Because I have now grown about a foot more in the Lord this week!  So I pray the Lord blesses the person who is saying this about me because I believe they just know not what they do. 


John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”   My life is so FULL today! –  or another good one  for more information on whether a Christian can be demon possessed.  What do you think?  Can we?  Or can't we?  My vote is no.

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Author: Michele C.

First and foremost I am a Believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am a wife, a Mom, a young budding writer, and entrepreneur.

10 thoughts on “Demon Possession? Are you serious?”

  1. This is a powerful post.
    Remember how Job's friends thought they had all of the answers? There was one more thing they did not know – and it wasn't demon possession, it was an attack by Satan on a righteous man.
    Satan can surely harass Christians, but he can never enter the temple of the Holy Spirit. You are His even when you don't see answers to prayer or encouraging ministry in your life. You are sealed with the Holy Spirit unto everlasting life. Praise the Lord!

  2. Wow! I don't know how but I almost missed this post! I'm up late again, had a big eventful day. This is so good Michele and so true how Satan will use any means to distract us, but I like to think we are all getting a little wiser now! I continue to learn alot from you! Thank You! Love You!

  3. Wow I am amazed anyone would dare to even think such a thing. I am sorry that you even for one second thought about this,but am truly glad you were shown by the Lord that he does indeed use you to help others. You are to me, a wonderfully strong Christian Woman. God Bless you always Michele,you and your family. Sounds like you have found a wonderful church to go to Praise the Lord I am so happy for you.Much love in Christ,Tammy Levesque

  4. You know– I believe the Lord allowed what happened — to happen to me Tammy — so that I could grow even more in Him! So I praise Him for the person that He allowed to grow me and entrench me even further in Him! So, praise the Lord! 🙂 At times I just shake my head at some of the things that I've seen happen over the years — and think "come on? seriously!" It's all good — God has us right where He wants us, and I'm so thankful. Life is good — God is good — God is faithful! Thank you Tammy again, for your encouragement and love! You're awesome!

  5. You know something Michele? You are one Hell of a woman. That's all I gotta say. I am constantly blown away by the strength that God has given you to face what you face, even some things that people don't even know. You have such a forgiving heart, and you truly face your fears like a trooper. LOVE YOU

  6. Meg – you're so sweet — I love you — I needed to hear that today — I got some discouraging news today, and am really trying hard not to give into discouragement — they have not ruled out MS as a possibility come to find out — he can't give me a diagnosis at this point — he also thinks I may have had a seizure the other night when I blew a blood vessel out in my eye, so more tests on my brain to check for that. He said he had a patient that had MS symptoms on and off for 10 years before any lesions ever showed up — so basically they can't treat you for it if there are no lesions or placque (sp?) — so while I'm thankful for no official diagnosis — I'm frustrated because I have nothing except pain — and all they can do is treat my symptoms right now. Frustrated at the moment.

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