Easter Invitation!

Okay — so check out what all the churches in Sultan are doing!!  http://sultanchurches.com/default.aspx   They have all combined, and are inviting people to come to whichever church — just come to a church on Easter, and hear the message of the gospel of the true Jesus Christ!  It doesn't matter which church you choose — whichever one you choose will be the one that God wants you at!  So just do it!  Go for it!  What have you got to lose?  By not choosing Christ, you have made a choice — if you choose Christ — you have chosen LIFE! 

I personally lived a life without Christ for far too long, and I can tell you — what the world offers is nothing compared to what Christ offers.  You're saying to yourself — "well, what can Christ offer me?"  I'll tell you what.  He offers you eternal life forever with Him, He offers you FREE forgiveness of your sins because He paid the price fully on the cross for all of our sins my friend.   He offers you LIFE.  If you choose to not choose Him — you have made the choice that when you part from this earth that you will forever be separated from our Heavenly Father, who is so loving, so caring, so patient, so worthy of our praise — and you will live in eternity where it has been described as HOT, weeping and nashing of teeth, wormy, etc, constant and forever torture.  Hell was never meant for us humans, which is why God sent His only Son Jesus, and why Jesus chose to come and pay the price for all our sins so that we could have eternal life with Him forever. 

If you don't believe in God — all I've got to say is how can you not.  He is everywhere.  Look around.  Do you really think a big bang created all of this?  I mean seriously.  And if man evolved from apes — why aren't the apes of today still evolving into humans?  Come on.  Again, what have you got to lose?  I read on a sign at a church and thought it was funny, it said "give Jesus a try, if you don't like Him I'm sure the devil would be glad to have you back." 

My life is so much better with Him in it — I have more peace now — more love — just everything is so much better.  I have also been clean and sober now for almost 5 years, and its all thanks to Him. 


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Author: Michele C.

First and foremost I am a Believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am a wife, a Mom, a young budding writer, and entrepreneur.

4 thoughts on “Easter Invitation!”

  1. Great invitation Michele and what an awesome idea! People who deny Christ, I believe do so out of fear of confronting their weakness and fear of change. They listen to the lies that play in there head like a broken record, over and over, that to be a Christian will mean they will have to give up everything they enjoy and live a boring life. I know cause that was how I thought for many years, but all that has changed for me since coming to the Lord, I just wish I knew than what I know now because my life could have been so much better! Following Jesus has been the best decision of my life, in fact I see now I really had no life at all till coming to know Him I was just going through the motions, but better late than never! I owe my life to Him! I love the sign "give Jesus a try, if you don't like Him I'm sure the devil will be glad to have you back", it is so true, PEOPLE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN! God is a salvager and restorer and for Him nothing makes him happier than when one of His lost come home!
    God Bless you and your family Michele, have a wonderful Easter! Love you bunches!

  2. Patti — this was an awesome response and post, and I hope others out there will read it, and come to know Christ through your testimony. God is so good, so faithful, so real! Patti — I so love your testimony — you've got to get it written out one of these days again — 🙂 hint hint! I love you so much — I miss you bunches, and I pray you have a blessed Easter with your family and have awesome church that day! I'm sure they've got something fantastic planned!

  3. I'm looking forward to Easter Sunday, my husband is joining me for church, it is the perfect day for miracles don't ya think? Keep him in your prayers!

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