Momly Advice — thought I’d share!

My mom shared with me a recent sermon that they got at church, and it was good so I thought I'd share with others.
"Jesus comes to bring health and wholeness in everything.
God has promised that He will always answer the cry of our heart – if it seems He hasn't answered it's because He's working a deeper work than that physical healing.
God will reveal greater issues than the physical – issues in our heart.
The physical ailment is to get your attention – to get you to turn to Heaven and pray.
Exodus 15:23-26 vs 26: I AM the Lord your healer. 
God is the only one who can bring order out of chaos. Jesus did what He did because of compassion. He was putting things back in order.
Isa 53
Heb 2: 14-18
No matter what the need (pain, suffering) Jesus understands it because He lived it but without sin. Jesus bore it ALL so when we come to Him – He is the Healer.
When physical healing doesn't readily come ask: "What else are you doing Lord?"
The gyst of what the pastor was talking about is that Jesus wants to heal and make us whole, but He is also interested in our souls…..our character….what's inside our hearts.  He wants to take out the garbage, burn off the dross, set us free.
Anyway……I thought this was good. I look back on times of my suffering and I know it was good for my character. It drew me closer to God and He showed me things about myself that needed His cleansing and then He set me free again.
Hope this encourages you…….just remember…..everything that touches your life is filtered through the mighty Lord; He hasn't forgotten you or forsaken you, He's doing a work in you!
Love you!!!  MOM"

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Author: Michele C.

First and foremost I am a Believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am a wife, a Mom, a young budding writer, and entrepreneur.

3 thoughts on “Momly Advice — thought I’d share!”

  1. Like mother, like daughter! Very good word Michele and in looking at my own life and the heallings that have come and the ones that are coming I can see now the defects in my character that need His touch even more so than my physical healing. Right now I have hit a rough patch of roadway not unlike highway 2 is at the moment lol., but like highway 2, over the years the little potholes became big potholes and the patching finally lead to having to quit diddling around and just fix it the right way! I am in the process of fixing it the right way, but that doesn't make it any easier because finding and understanding the right way is the tricky part! Did I stray off course????? lol!Love You!

  2. thank you Patti — we will always been working towards continual purification/recovery/sanctification (however it may be worded) until Jesus comes again — we just need to learn to enjoy the process no matter what our circumstances are or dictate — God is still the same no matter what! He is so good!

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