Movie Night – Aug. 29th Sultan Gazebo









You are invited to come to Saturday movies at the park — with the next one scheduled for August 29, 2009, at 7:00 pm.  Our church, Crosswater Community Church, is hosting the movie Night at the Museum 2 at the outdoor Gazebo in Sultan, starting at 7 pm.  There will be free popcorn, hotdogs, cotton candy, sodas, water, and the movie!!  yum yum, plus lots of great people to fellowship with.  So come on out!!  The last one was SO much fun, and it was so cool to see people just dropping by because they saw the commotion as they were driving by on Highway 2.

I don't get to go to this next one due to being out of town on business with my hubs, but there is no reason you couldn't go if you wanted to.  It really is a great time for families to get together.  Bring your blankets, chairs, and whatever else you may need to watch a movie.  Such wonderful people!  You don't have to attend Crosswater to come — just come and fellowship!  You will love it and have a blast, guaranteed!  I know I did — it was my first, and I got to serve with some amazing people and meet new people, and connect with some familiar faces too.  Hope you can come!

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This by far has been one of the best summers ever!  I posted some pics from my “alone” vacahhhhtion to Ocean Shores.  Those razor clams…oh yah!  They were awesome!  The sunset … beautiful.  And that pic of me with the lake in the background…couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better place to rest up.  Prior to my trip, I had ended up in the emergency room with God only knows what, only to be told by the doctors (yet again) after 5 hours of testing until 3 am, that they didn’t know what was wrong.  Hmmm been there before.  I’d had it.  With all that done, I was exhausted and headed for a breakdown (there’s a song there I’m sure!), so I called my sister-in-law and asked if they would mind if I went and stayed at their home on Duck Lake in Ocean Shores.  She said yes!  My husband said “go” — so I left.  I didn’t watch tv the entire time.  I spent a lot of time just resting, hanging with my dog, walking on the beach, talking with the Lord, reading the Word.  Was good time off.  Much better than a mental hospital.  🙂

After my vacaaahhhhtion, I came back and got the girls and we immediately went back to Ocean Shores.  We got almost two full days just the three of us girls.  We had a great time.  We shopped.  We ate.  I let them drive on the beach!  Oh yah!  They actually did really good, and we (I) even did some doughnuts!  That was a first, and I don’t think I broke the car.

Friday the boys (Joe and Zack) got there pretty late.  Next day we went into town and did put put golf, and checked out the “Hogfest”.  Interesting and fun.  Mainly just did some much needed family getaway time.  Was nice.

Then the big family vacation, we leave on a Sunday evening and head for Eastern Washington.  We’ve got the top loaded down, the back end of the Durango loaded down, dog, kids following in another car (one of them having their license was very nice!), and we headed out for Eastern Wash.  Our destination — Bebee Bridge Park.  Was absolutely beautiful.  I think they must spray for bugs because there wasn’t hardly any bugs (mosquitos) at all.  Now, bees, that’s another story!

Day 1 we arrive and set up camp, eat, hit the sack.  Day 2, head down into Lake Chelan (about a 5 min trip into town), and we hang out at the State park for the day.  Packed up a picnic, got some floaties, packed up the dog and away we went.  Was very nice.  That is, except for the bees!  I was laying peacefully on my blankie, when all of a sudden I feel a scorching pain searing through my foot.  I fly up only to see what is left of the bee…the stinger.  I carefully pull it out and I must tell you, I have never felt that much pain all of a sudden in a really long time!  That sucker hurt!  I iced it, but that even hurt because just touching it hurt!  TJ then got stung in the EAR as we were leaving.  They were thick in that park.  I put toothpaste on it when we got back to camp, and amazingly, it worked!  Couldn’t hardly tell I’d been stung by next day.

Day 2.  Rented a boat!  I’ve posted a pic of Joe driving the boat — man was he a happy man!  I wish I could make a real boat happen for him.  He does so much for us that he deserves it.  He was just like a little boy about it — so cute!  We had in mind to rent one boat, but then we get there and they said that their newest boat ($60 more) was available.  He comes out and tells me to come look at it, and can we get that instead — I told him, go for it!  I’m not kidding you, he was practically dancing he was so excited.  He didn’t even hear the woman giving him the instructions about the boat, and just kept looking over at me with the biggest grin!  THAT was the best.

So then we head out on the boat for 8 hours of fun and sun.  We skiied (well, we tried), we inner tubed, we ate, one child got sea sick (poor Hannah), but that didn’t happen until about 4 hours into the trip.  She made it one more hour, and I made it one more hour before I started to feel sick too.  The water got really choppy.  So they dropped us off at the dock and away we went.  Ruby even came with us on the boat.  She was such a little trooper (Ruby) — she went everywhere with us, and did so good!

Hannah and I head back to camp, and had the best 4 1/2 hours to ourselves ever.  She is such a great young woman.  I am so proud of her, and just amazed each day at how much she is growing up.  I love her so much!  Such a smart girl!

Day 3.  We rented a jet ski.  Oh my goodness!  That was so much fun.  I took Hannah out on it and let her drive it once we got out on the lake.  She was having so much fun!  I wish I would’ve gotten a pic of that.  She was absolutely adorable on it.  Both of us screaming as we would hit waves, hooting and hollaring — it was a blast!  All of us rode it — Nicole got to drive it too — she went out with Joe and TJ.  I was pretty sore from riding the inner tube the day before.  In fact, I’m still sore today from it!

Bought a bee trap on this day.  We hung out at the State park again, while we took turns riding the jet ski.  Mental note — just leave the bee trap next time, don’t try and bring it in the car because we spent $15 dollars on it!  Not worth it!  Joe said he would bring it back with him in TJ’s car.  Needless to say, they had 5 escapees, Zack bailing out of TJ’s car at about 5 MPH, and Joe throwing it into the trunk only to have more escapees!  We did hang it up at the camp site and it did help some.  We caught quite a few.  Just for those tree huggers out there, these traps will not trap honey bees.  They make them specifically for hornets, and it worked.  We caught some big suckers too.  YUCK!   Not a big fan of the bee.

Day 4.  I didn’t write that down — so I can’t remember what we did!  Day 5, however, we packed up and headed to Leavenworth to stay at a hotel that had a pool and BEDS.  Another mental note, next year get air mattresses so that we can actually sleep comfortably. Poor Joe threw his back out Day 1 due to sleeping on the hard ground.  I went into town the next day and could only find a blow up mattress that you use for floating on the lake.  So he used that.  It seemed to help a bit, but he was suffering for most of the week due to it.  The bed at the hotel (motel) wasn’t too comfortable, so he was quite misereable.  He ended up leaving on Day 6 in the afternoon with the boys and Nicole.  I think everyone was tired due to lack of sleep.

So Day 6, 7 and 8 I get Hannah totally to myself.  We shopped (of course!) — some school shopping, and some shopping in the cutsie little shops.  Very nice.  We just had a nice time together, just the two of us.  Hanging, napping, reading, eating, shopping.  What more could you ask for!  It was great.

All in all, has been a very good summer.  One final vacation destination for Joe and I at the end of summer.  We’re heading to Las Vegas.  His work is sending him, so we thought we would make a vacation out of it.  We don’t drink or gamble, so we are looking for other things to do.  The first two days while he is working, my job will be to camp by the pool (of course) and sun myself until I’m good and brown!

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God’s Chisel

This is a long one — almost 10 minutes, but it is well worth it.  I personally have been being really chiselled lately, and it is painful.  I do know that in the long run it will be worth it, and great.  I am FAR from perfect, and have lots of imperfections.  I trust in the Lord with all my heart, and know that His way is the BEST way.  I hope you are blessed by this as much as I was. 

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