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A couple of years back I used to subscribe regularly to Perry Noble's blog — pastor of a church in Anderson, SC called NewSpring.  After a while of reading it, I had a check in my heart and decided to quit subscribing to his blog.  I wasn't sure what it was, and couldn't quite put my finger on it and looking back now I believe it was Lord.

I came across a forum on about Perry Noble yesterday, and since I was home and not feeling well, I read it.  What I read, and found out further really disturbed me so I wanted to tell other believers out there just to be careful because there are lots of other good teachers out there.  here is a link to his video where he calls members of his congregations "jacka**'s" because they say that want to go deeper.  He goes on to say, "deep" "why don't we check your tithing record to see how deep you are."  What??  What about the single mom who is scraping by, and can't tithe all the time but gives as much as she can?  What about the unemployed family?  Or the homeless person?  Or are "those" people not welcome because they won't be able to fill the coffers so as to be considered deep.  Yah, that's someone I want my kid listening too.  Geez. 

Now, I wasn't nearly as disconcerted by that statement, as I was about his calling members of his congregation "jacka**" because these are people merely expressing an opinion.  I'm unsure as to why that was called for.  Or did he do it from the pulpit so that others would realize that they would not be allowed to speak up for fear of being bullied or ridiculed from the pulpit.  That is a great way to control your congregation – by fear and manipulation.  Hmmm.  Don't remember reading about that in the Word of God.  I could be wrong though, I mean, I don't know the entire Word by heart.  Maybe someone can enlighten me. 

This next video really bothered me also.  It's okay of what his opinion is about these things, but to publicly scold his congregation.  Again, another scare tactic to possibly keep his congregation in line, through fear and manipulation.  I personally get it, that a pastor has a life, wife, children that they can't have the time to spend with each member of the congregation – I really totally get that and am okay with that.  If my pastor said something like this from the pulpit, I would be a little disturbed personally and possibly offended.  It's one thing to be offended by the Word of God because Jesus said that offenses would come — because of HIS word.  Not the word of some pastor who is upset because someone wants to have dinner with him.  Come on.


And the final thing that I saw was his response to yet another critic.  Listen, we were warned that not all men would like or love us, and some would hate us.  I mean, the disciples were persecuted, some crucified, some beheaded, etc.  Good grief, he has some people persecuting him with words.  I know its easy for me to say because I'm not the one getting the criticisms thrown at me, but if it is a God thing it will grow, if not, it will be revealed.  Matt. 5:43-48 jumped off the page at me in response to the criticisms he is receiving and how he SHOULD respond. 

Responding with harsh words and joking of acting with violence are not ways to respond.  The "kill the snorer" video, bothered me — I realize again it was his attempt to joke, but it wasn't funny.  Asking God to kill this snorer.  Good grief and wow!  If he is like this from the pulpit, I'd hate to see what he's like behind closed doors, with his staff, or anyone who might disagree with him. 





In response to a critic named Dr. James Duncan at , Pastor Perry Noble's response to the harassment and stalking that this critic received from staff members of his church, here is his video response titled "Don't Fight the Bloggers".


In this video response from the pulpit to his church, his lead in to explain to his congregation as to why a staff members was fired due to harassment of Dr. Duncan (although not referred to by name), he begins with bragging about asking God for permission to throw over the table of a young woman at a local restaurant who dared to talk about entertainment in church within earshot of Noble.  Again, his atempt to joke by using violence, still not funny – not even if you smile while you're saying it.  Joking about violence against a woman and then smile about it — THAT'S not funny.  It gives the impression that violence is okay, which would explain why a staff member may have taken the route he did.  We may never know. 

These are the few things that I've found in just one day of searching, and the more I hear and read, the more disturbed I have become.  I personally have decided to not listen to him, read his blogs, or anything that comes from his church after reading (even things not from his critics). 

You can decide yourself, and you can disagree with me.  That is okay, and we can still be friends afterwards.  That's one thing I've realized is that just because you disagree, or argue about an issue doesn't mean you can't leave friends afterwards.  Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Even another side if you've got it after doing your own research, and not just based upon "feelings."  These feelings are based upon what I believe is the Lord guiding me, and based upon Perry Noble's actions in the videos and his words.  

Now having said that, I'm sure his church does a lot of great things, and pastors aren't perfect, but they should not perpetuate violence of any kind, and I believe that Dr. Duncan, at the very least, should have gotten a public apology from Mr. Noble and even some monetary compensation for everything he went through.  He lost an adoption due to this staff members antics.  If you read about what happened to Dr. Duncan, you will be shocked. 

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