Medical Updates

These were too long of updates to put in a status post, so decided to blog it.  I saw my cardiologist yesterday, and the results of my echocardiogram show an enlarged heart in the weaker part of the heart and it has progressed to one of the ventricals.  It has also caused one of the chambers to become misshapen.  Lovely huh?!  He said that its the result of having untreated high blood pressure.  Funny.  I see a bajillion doctors for the last 2 1/2 years and not ONE says that its so high I need medication, but as a result of it now I have permanent damage to my heart.  Whenever I have extreme pain from this CFS (or whatever this is — some auto immune disease) my blood pressure does go up, but it usually goes back to semi-normal levels.  It's just over the last 2 1/2 years, I've had a lot of pain.  The doc said that the damage can't be changed, but I can do things now to keep it from getting worse.  One is now taking high blood pressure meds, decreasing sodium intake, exercising more (which has been difficult so far with CFS, but hey he's the doctor).  So my goal is to lose 10 lbs (to start with), and so far day one of decreasing sodium intake fairly good.  Probably shot it last night since we went to the movies and had popcorn!  But day 2 trying again. 

I am on the tale end of this most recent flare, so I am able to get more accomplished each day again.  Thank you Lord! 

Joe's leg is doing a little better.  They have him on a second antibiotic now (2) and said that if it doesn't start showing improvements then he will have to go to hospital for IV antibiotic treatments.  He has a re-check on Friday.  So we'll know more then. 

I see my neurologist next week about the seizure I had so I should know more next week.  I don't know about all these docs anymore.  I get so frustrated at times. 

Well, best get up and get going for the day.  Am trying to take it a little easy today since I did a BUNCH yesterday and day before.  Baby steps.  Even got out for a nice brisk walk last night.  Was so beautiful out.  :-) 

I have many things to be thankful for, so the Lord and my thankfuls are going to be in the forefront of my mind.  My heart, mind and soul are in the Lord's hands and His will be done!  I love you Lord.


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Author: Michele C.

First and foremost I am a Believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am a wife, a Mom, a young budding writer, and entrepreneur.

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