Michele’s Summer Read-a-thon 2010


I have been reading like crazy this summer, and cannot get enough!!  I started with the Twilight books, and have continued with several other novels.  I will try to remember them all here.


1.  Twilight — by Stephanie Meyer

2.  Eclipse – by Stephanie Meyer

3.  New Moon – by Stephanie Meyer

4.  Breaking Dawn – by Stephanie Meyer

5.  The Innocent Man – by John Grisham

6.  Adam – by Ted Dekker

7.  Intimate Issues – by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus

8.  Tuesdays with Morrie – by Mitch Albom

9.  The Five People you Meet in Heaven – by Mitch Albom

10.  The Wedding – by Nicholas Sparks


I don't know if I could choose a favorite out of all of them.  I just finished the book Adam by Ted Dekker, and that one was very suspenseful.  It was a thriller, and included the FBI, a killer, investigators, etc.  Held my attention to the very end.  I couldn't hardly put it down!

The Twilight series I picked up because both my girls had told me how good they were, and I had watched the movies with them.  I decided to see if I might like them.  I got caught up in them, of course, and I couldn't stop until I'd finished Breaking Dawn.  By far, out of the four book series, Breaking Dawn was definitely my favorite and I'm especially looking forward to the two part movie series that will be spun off from that book.

The Innocent Man, by John Grisham, was a true story based upon an account of a man who got put on death row and was innocent of the crime he was accused of committing.  It tells the story of at least four men who were innocent and put on death row or prison, and tells of their accounts and harrowing stories.  It was very gripping and John Grisham held my attention to the very end.  He is an exceptional writer, and his attempt at non-fiction was a huge success in my book.

Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People you Meet in Heaven both written by Mitch Albom, were both good books.  They were a both a very easy read, and I highly recommend them.  Tuesdays with Morrie was a great reminder to spend time with those you love, and how the time we have with people is precious and fleeting.  Both were good.

The Wedding was just a good feel good story, and really surprised me in the end.  It took me totally by surprise and it was a nice surprise.  I won't tell you, you will just have to read the book.  I always love a good Nicholas Sparks book, and again, he didn't disappoint me.  His details make the entire book just come alive where I felt as though I was right there experiencing it with the characters.  Very enjoyable.

The book Intimate Issues is a book I am reading with a group of women, and it is just a great book to read if you are married and want to keep things alive in your relationship.  It touches on a lot of topics relationally in a marriage, and I've found it to be a great book. 

Summers not over yet, and I'm looking for my next summer book.  Ten books and counting! 

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