Continued Summer Read-a-thon

1)  The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

2)  Adam by Ted Dekker

3)  The Testament by John Grisham

4)  Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Wow is all I can say to all four  books.  All four were amazing and captivating, and hard to put down.  The Time Traveler’s Wife was a very interesting read.  It is about a man who has a genetic disorder that causes him to travel in time — both forward and backwards, but at the same time he runs into his old self and young self.  It is very easy to follow (I thought), and a good love story.  If you saw the movie, it doesn’t even touch half of what is in the book, so you won’t be disappointed at all if you read the book.  There is so much more detail in the book.  A very good read. 

Adam by Ted Dekker is more of a mystery/suspense novel.  It gripped me from the start and kept my attention all the way to the end.  I honestly could not put it down, and it literally took me a day to read.  I just kept reading in every spare moment I had!  It is about a serial killer, and the hunt of him, but it does include supernatural aspects that caused the hair on my neck to stand up at certain points.  The ending was NOT what I expected at all.  It had twists and turns, and jumps to other parts and then ties it all together in the end with a nice, neat little package.  Very creatively written.

The Testament.  What can I say?  John Grisham always amazes me.  He is such an amazing writer.  This is about an eccentric billionnaire, his last will, his greedy children, his many ex-wives, all their lawyers, the lawyers for the billionnaire, a jungle in South America, a lawyer who goes to South America in search of a surprise heir, with more surprises along the way.  Really kept my attention, and again with a twist at the end that I didn’t quite see coming either.  Just a real feel good book, and it included Jesus Christ — Who is my favorite anyways — so it was a great read all in all.  Highly recommend. 

Message in a Bottle was an easy read and very good as are all of Nicholas Sparks’ books that I have read.  It is about a woman who is newly divorced.  She finds a message in a bottle on a beach while she is on vacation.  She is a journalist and publishes the letter.  She sets out to find the man who wrote the letter.  And the love story ensues.  Such a great story, and was also hard to put down.  I highly recommend it. 

Well, I’m off to read my next book.  What shall I pick?  🙂


The Whirlwind of August

The month of August was a complete whirlwind for me.  The first week we took TJ, Zack, Hannah and Nicole out to Ocean Shores to Joe’s brother’s place, for a little mini vacation.  I was finally feeling well enough that we could do a little vacation.  We had a great time.  Unfortunately, TJ decided that it was a good idea to stand up in the canoe while fishing and he tipped himself and Nicole into the lake, along with her camera, her cell phone and his cell phone!  Needless to say, her cell phone and camera are both now at the bottom of Duck Lake! 

We did a camp fire on the beach one night.  We tried to do smores, but I’m not sure what happened to the marshmallows I bought.  They were all melded together.  The kids did the best they could!  We also did put put golf — I think Nicole won that round.  Did the arcade, and also even did the go-carts.  All in all, I think it was a success.  I felt good enough that I was able to make them breakfast and dinner each night!  It was wonderful!

Unfortunately, when I got home I got a call from my mom letting me know that my 86 year old Granny had taken a turn for the worse.  I immediately packed up and drove back down to Montesano.  I was thanking the Lord that I wasn’t working because it was due to this that I was able to spend the last week of her life with her.  I got some wonderful, precious time with her.  It has been very difficult, to say the least, because I was close to my Granny, but I am thankful she is no longer in pain and she is now in heaven with our Lord Jesus.

After her funeral, Joe’s work sent us off to Las Vegas for a garden convention of sorts.  He worked, and I got to park by the pool.  Neither of us gamble or drink, but we had a good time anyways.  I got some sun, and enjoyed the weather.  I also was feeling pretty good due to the dry weather, plus our airfare was paid for, our hotel paid for and our food paid for — who could ask for more!  Thank you Lord!

Then immediately after I get home, I unpack and re-pack and Hannah and I left for Eastern Washington to go and see John Mayer and Keith Urban at the Gorge.  What an amazing time and what an amazing concert.  God has so blessed me this summer.  Even with my Granny passing, I look at the time I got with her as a  blessing.  It was precious, and I wouldn’t trade it for a million dollars.  She truly was one in a million.  

God also blessed me by giving me a break from this illness for a few months.  The medications they have me on currently seem to be working for the most part.  I have more good days than bad, and for that I’m thankful!  God is always good, and I’m so thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.